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Country information

What is important for my bus trip to Belgium, such as travel documents?

But also some fun facts about the country, the Belgians, food & drink.


Silhoutte Belgie
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Location: the neighboring countries are the Netherlands to the north, Germany to the east, France to the south and Luxembourg to the southeast.

Land area: 30278 km²
Water surface: 250 km²
Number of km of coast: 66 km
Highest point: 694 m (Signal of Brotange)
Lowest point: 0 m (North Sea)
Number of inhabitants: 11,350,000
Capital: Brussels.

Form of government: The Kingdom of Belgium or 'Royaume de Belgique' is a constitutional monarchy in which the king is the head of state. Legislative power is vested in the parliament, consisting of the Chamber of Representatives and the Senate.

Religion: Roman Catholic 75%, other 25%

  •  Reisdocumenten

In Belgium you must have a valid passport or a valid identity card (ID card).

The documents must be valid up to and including your return to the Netherlands.

If you do not have Dutch nationality, please consult the relevant consulate of the country of origin.

  •  Language

Dutch, Belgian, German and French.

  •  Currencies

The Belgian currency is the euro (€). You can use a card with a Maestro logo at almost any ATM.

Credit cards from Mastercard, VISA, Diner and American Express are accepted almost everywhere.

Look for stickers in relevant shops and restaurants. But also bring some cash; there are still plenty

small shops and restaurants that like cash, especially when it comes to small amounts. 

  • Electricity

The voltage is 230 Volt. You do not need a travel plug because the sockets in Belgium correspond to the Dutch sockets.

  •  Tap water

Drinking tap water is safe.

  •  Price level

The prices for drinks and meals in Belgium are slightly higher than we are used to in the Netherlands.

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