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The road to incredible adventures is a young and dynamic organization.

We organize trips to the battlefields of the Second World War in Europe.

VE stands for Victory in Europe. *08 May 1945*

VE Tours has a goal that we can summarize in 3 keywords




Our mission is to pass on the stories of these heroes so that they and their stories will live on from generation to generation.

During our tours, the VE-Tours team will take you to the battlefields to let you follow in the footsteps of our liberators.

By visiting impressive locations, museums, monuments, images and stories, we want to give you a good picture of what happened during the Second World War.

Freedom sometimes seems so obvious, but it is not. Years ago this was fiercely fought for and a great price was paid for it.

We want to convey our mission during the trips.

Discover the impressive locationsDiscover,

watch and listen to what happenedLearn,

and make sure we never forget this together with usRemember.

Together we can ensure that the stories of our liberators are passed on from generation to generation. If you have become interested in one of our trips, take a look at our home page and join us.

You can contact us for organized bus trips. But also for small and large groups of private trips.


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Team VE Tours

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