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When does make a decision about going ahead with a trip?
At the latest two weeks before departure, but usually sooner, VE-Tours will let you know whether the trip you have booked can take place. If the country of destination decides to take measures that make travel impossible, can decide to cancel the trip within 2 weeks of departure.


How does decide whether the trip I have booked can take place?
We are in close contact with our local partners for the implementation of our group tours. When conducting our trips, we also look at the travel advice of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as published on

With a 'green' or 'yellow' travel advice, the trip can usually go ahead.

With an 'orange' travel advice for the destination, the trip can only take place if this advice is set to 'orange' due to corona and the program can be carried out without major restrictions. If we can carry out the trip safely and responsibly, we will comply with local regulations and also comply with the RIVM guidelines as much as possible.

If the trip is canceled by, will I receive a voucher or will the money be refunded?
We do not issue vouchers. If VE-Tours has to cancel your trip due to Corona, we will refund your money to your account within 14 days. Less the deposit costs, these will remain for a subsequent booking.

I want to cancel my booked trip myself. What now?
If you decide to cancel your trip yourself, our regular cancellation conditions apply as stated under Article 4 of General travel and booking conditions (see page  Disclaimer, tab VE-Tours General travel and booking conditions). We would like to receive a written cancellation from you. You can easily send this by e-mail to If you have taken out cancellation insurance, your insurance company will determine whether you will be reimbursed for the cancellation costs.

My journey continues until further notice. Do I have to make my down payment or final payment?
Yes, as long as a trip has not yet been cancelled, the payment obligations for the traveler remain in force. This means that a down payment or final payment must be made within the set payment terms.

What measures does take to carry out the trips safely and responsibly?
Our motto is safe and responsible travel. Approximately 1 month before departure, we will send the relevant travelers an initial overview of the corona measures we have taken for a specific trip. A more detailed overview of this follows in the departure information. We will inform you about the most important rules that apply at the destination, but advise you on, also carefully read the travel advice for your destination. Click here for an overview of the basic principles we use on our trips.

Do I have to be vaccinated for a group tour of
Most destinations require proof of vaccination or recovery, or a negative result of an antigen or PCR test; sometimes this only happens upon arrival at the destination, sometimes also during a visit to a museum or restaurant, for example. Some destinations are only open for  Fully vaccinated incl. booster shot and in some cases the vaccination certificate has limited validity. The requirements and measures can be changed by the local authorities in the meantime. You are responsible for having the correct documents before and during the trip. Please keep an eye on the travel advice as published on
If an antigen or PCR test is not mandatory for non-vaccinated persons upon arrival at the destination, we nevertheless urgently advise non-vaccinated persons to do an antigen or PCR test in the 48 hours before departure. cannot be held liable in any way whatsoever if the customer has to cancel the trip due to the lack of the correct documents or vaccination requirements set by the country of destination. Costs resulting from this are for the customer's own account.

What should I take into account if the travel advice for my destination is or becomes 'orange'?
We recommend that you check with your own travel insurance which conditions apply if the travel advice is already 'orange' on departure or becomes 'orange' during the trip.
In some cases, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises or obliges to go into home quarantine for 10 days after returning from an 'orange' or 'red' destination; in some cases, this often only applies to unvaccinated people.

What does it mean if one of the fellow travelers shows suspected Covid-19 symptoms?
If a traveler develops complaints during a trip such as a cold, sneezing, sore throat, tightness, cough or elevation, he/she must report this immediately to the tour guide. The tour guide then follows the procedures established by the local authorities. This includes isolation and reference to test instances. If the result is negative, we can continue the journey. If the result is positive, we follow the local measures and procedures. We recommend that you check with your own travel insurance in advance which conditions apply in such cases.

What happens if the local government imposes a (partial) Lock down or other restrictive measures during my trip due to corona?
Depending on the circumstances, will adjust the program or repatriate the group. In all cases, we ensure that our travelers return to the Netherlands. At the end of the trip you will receive a letter from VE-tours that you have suffered a travel loss, which you can hand in to your travel insurance. He will ultimately assess whether you are entitled to a refund.

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