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Hurtgenwald Battlefield Tour

Day 1,2 and 3:

During these days we will follow a varied and impressive program,

In which we visit, among other things, the Henri-Chappelle American cemetery, where 7989 soldiers have been given their final resting place.

We visit various bunkers, including in Ochsenkopf

Hurtgenwald tour

During our Hurtgenwald tour we will walk a part of the Panzerkette Kall-Trail, so that we get a good impression of how difficult the fighting was in this area, here we will also find tracks of a Sherman tank.

At the museum ''Hurtgenwald 1944 und im Frieden'' we get to see how the battle for the Hurtgenwald was for the local population and what consequences there were.

 We also go to the Dragon's Teeth, part of the German defenses from the Westwall (siegfried line). We will also pay a special visit to Vogelsang IP. This complex was a training camp of the NSDAP. Young men were trained here to become Nazi leaders.

This is a small selection of the known and unknown places that we will visit with you during this 3-Day Battlefield Tour Hürtgenwald.

Hurtgenwald Tour VE-Tours
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