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Bastogne Battlefield Tour

Day 1:

The first day we drive to the Ardennes. During the ride we will stop in Margraten where we will visit the 8301 soldiers who have found their resting place. After this impressive visit we will continue our way towards historic Bastogne. Here we will visit various places, which will make the story of the battle of the Ardennes clear for the coming days.

Day 2.3:

During these days we will follow a varied and impressive program, including a visit to the Bastogne war museum, a museum where you can see the causes, events and consequences of the Second World War.

We visit the Mardasson Memorial, the monument that stands for the friendship between Belgium and the American people.

In Malmedy we reflect on the story of the American soldiers who were shot dead in cold blood after they had surrendered.

At La Gleize we visit the museum ''December 44'' and see a Koningtiger.

We also visit the German cemetery Recogne, where 6776 victims are buried.

Of course, the forests of Foy should not be missed these days.

This is a small selection of the known and unknown places that we will now visit during these days.

VE-Tours WW2 war cemetery Henri Chapelle

Day 4:

During this last day of the 4-Day Battlefield Tour Bastogne we will look back together on everything we have seen and heard in recent days. We cannot leave the Ardennes without remembering the war victims. We will do this together at the American cemetery Henri-Chapelle, where 7989 victims have found their resting place

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