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Auschwitz Memorial Tour


Day 1:
The first day will be dedicated to our trip to East Germany.  During the ride we will

films and documentaries are shown. In addition, there will be some stops at roadside restaurants.
Upon arrival in East Germany we will visit a former concentration camp/V1 factory

Mittelbau DORA. Here our guide will explain the composition of the camp through a market.

Then we will enter the concentration camp through the preserved camp gate and we will have a

get a tour. After visiting Mittelbau Dora we will travel to our hotel in the town of Weimar.

In the evening we will enjoy this wonderful hotel with Spa and Wellnes, a delicious dinner and a relaxing bar.

Day 2,3,4:
The second day we continue our journey to Krakow.  During the ride there will be films and
documentaries are shown. In addition, there will also be some stops today at
roadhouses. In the evening we will take a walk around Wawel Castle with the guide.

During these days we will follow an impressive program, in which we will make a very impressive visit to Auschwitz I and Auschwitz II Birkenau. Many people know the endless stories of what happened here, but it
best to see it with your own eyes to get a feel for it. During this 6-hour tour we will visit different places, the ruins of the gas chambers and crematoria, the sauna, several barracks, the Dutch Block with an exhibition about the deported Dutch to Auschwitz, the blocks with personal belongings of the prisoners and two
exclusive barracks that have been preserved in their original state, so you can actually see what the prisoners' rooms looked like. We also visit the former Plaszow labor camp, where there are still some monuments. A museum is located in the building of Oskar Schindler's Enamel factory. This museum tells the story of the city of Krakow between 1939 and 1946. In addition, we will take a walk through the old Jewish Ghetto of Krakow, we start at ''Plac Bohaterow Getta'' from this place our guide will take you through several places in the Ghetto.

Auschwitz II Birkenau (15)
VE-Tours Dresden by Night

Day 5.6:
We leave Krakow and go to Dresden.
Films and documentaries will be shown during the ride. In addition, there will also be
some stops today at roadside restaurants.
Once we have arrived in Dresden, we will go on a city walk with the guide and he will
tell about the bombing that took place in the night of 13 to 14 February 1944

A visit to the Frauenkirchen should of course not be missed.

In dresden we will visit the Dresdner War Museum. This museum shows the eventful war years that Dresden has experienced over the centuries.

Day 7:
We had impressive days and will return to the Netherlands.
During this long ride we will look back together on everything we have seen and heard
the past few days on this unforgettable Auschwitz memorial tour.

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